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Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC) at Orchard Fields


To give children an awareness and understanding of a variety of cultures and the differences and similarities between them. To celebrate those cultural differences as part of what makes up Britain and to understand how cultures change and evolve. As part of this children will explore our societal structures and democratic systems. They will think about their moral compasses and how they connect to the topics we study. Through this they will reflect on their own and others beliefs and come to understand consequences of their and others’ actions.


We will teach SMSC through the wider curriculum as many of these skills are best learnt in context where they will have most meaning. There are boxes on our literary planning to make these links explicit. We will also address many of these topics through assemblies throughout the year, using key dates such as Black History Month and Parliament Week to highlight particular areas of SMSC. Those key dates will also inform activities in classes. We will use a variety of picture books that represent different cultures and ways of life to broaden the horizons of the children at the school and to instil an ethos of acceptance and curiosity. We will partly do this using the No Outsiders series of books but a range of other texts will also be used.

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