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At Orchard Fields Community School we recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.

We make every effort to provide a safe and welcoming environment underpinned by a culture of openness where both children and adults feel secure, able to talk and believe that they are being listened to.

We maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’ where safeguarding is concerned.

Raising a concern

If you concerned about a child and need to contact someone outside of school hours please contact either the LCSS (0345 2412703) or the NSPCC (0808 800 5000).

Safeguarding Children in Banbury (SCiB)

Safeguarding Children in Banbury is a collaboration of schools, college, health, police, social care and additional support agencies. The aim is to educate and inform our young people and families. The group’s objectives for the children/young people/community are as follows:

  • I know how to keep myself safe from…
  • I know how to keep my child safe from… 
  • We know how to keep our community safe from…

It was decided that there would be three main focus areas across the year, the first being based around education on substance misuse/being healthy/good and bad habits; the second would be around Internet Safety and the third around exploitation.

The educational establishments would then all teach the same message at the same time of year, so the children and young people are all hearing the same messages in order to keep themselves safe.

SCIB aim to produce a publication which will show what our children have learned over the year and provide useful information for parents and carers.

In the Autumn we plan on having an exhibit in Castle Quay, showcasing children’s work and providing information and advice.

This work will continue year on year, with the children being taught age appropriate lessons on how to keep themselves safe. We will update you as the year progresses as to some of their learning and successes.

Agencies currently involved: 

Thames Valley Police, Health, Cherwell District Council, Family Support Service, CAMHS, The Training Effect, Aquarius, Oxfordshire County Council, Sunshine Centre, Locality Community Support Services, Banbury & Bicester College, People’s Church, Harriers Banbury Academy, Dashwood Banbury Academy, Hill View School, Hanwell Fields Community School, St Leonards C of E School, St Mary’s C of E Primary, Bishop Loveday C of E Primary School, William Morris Primary School,  St Joseph’s  Catholic Primary School, Orchard Fields Community School, Hardwick Primary School, Queensway Primary School,  The Grange Primary School, Bloxham Primary School, St John’s Priory School, William Morris Primary School, Banbury Academy, North Oxfordshire Academy, Blessed George  Napier, Chenderit School, The Warriner School & Frank Wise School with more schools/agencies joining all the time.

We are proud to be members of SCIB and appreciate your help and support in promoting the good work of this Banbury Lead initiative.

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