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Intent, Implementation and Impact PE

This webpage is intended to highlight the what, why and how PE is taught and delivered at Orchard Fields Community School & Nursery.


  • Ruscote ward in Banbury (where Orchard Fields is situated) is one of the least active areas in Oxfordshire (in the top 10). Life expectancy can be 9 years lower than the Oxfordshire average (2022, Josh Lenthall, Active Oxfordshire)
  • For all children to be enjoyably active within PE lessons.
  • For Year 6 pupils to have an understanding of water safety, be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres unaided, and understand safe self rescue.
  • To encourage all children to be as active as possible throughout the school day.
  • To signpost children to activities outside of school through the newsletter and through a targeted family approach.
  • To increase fitness levels in the school community
  • To help to manage and maintain mental health for all children through targeted lessons and activities.


  • New PE curriculum – GetSet4PE started Sept 2022.
    • Chosen after extensive research into
    • Chosen to engage teachers more
    • Chosen to engage pupils more
    • Chosen because of the wider variety of activities on offer
      • Thus, enabling the adult to provide a wider range of different activities
  • All children to have 2 hours of dedicated PE lessons per week. Children to arrive at school in PE kit to reduce wasted PE learning time (2023 start).
  • NOSSP – Chris Pemble – Primary PE mentor
  • NOSSP events at other locations.
  • YouMove email sent to all PP families to encourage more activity away from school
  • Whole school different sporting activities:
    • Climbing wall
    • Caving
    • BMX workshop
    • Scooter workshop
    • Sports Day (KS2, KS1, EY)
  • Youth Activators – year 6 mental wellbeing (6 week sessions, Term 6)
  • Bicycle library implementation 2023 – Matthew Sleath – British Cycling
    • Cycling club at lunchtimes and after school
  • Top up swimming 2021-2022 and 2022-2023
  • Huge purchase of balls and storage for playtime
  • Playground young leaders
  • Quantitative 30 minutes of activity trackers.
  • Lunchtime play leader from Banbury United employed 4 x per week, all year


  • Guarantee that all children receive at least 30 minutes of activity per day whilst at school
  • Children active during lessons (where appropriate) and at playtimes.
  • More children in Year 6 to be able to swim (37% in 2022, 25% 2023 even with top-up swimming)
  • Lesson observations of PE to be of a good quality
  • As many NOSSP events as possible to be attended by a wide variety of teachers. Children to be targeted.
  • Rebooking of whole school events where an impact has been noted.
  • Youth activator questionnaires to be circulated post activities.
  • Youmove data to be accessed through Josh Lenthall at Active Oxfordshire.
  • Bicycle library data to be collected ready to be explored year on year.
  • Playground leader impact questionnaires – through Jo Aleksic.

PE Progression Map

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