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Maths at Orchard Fields


What are we are trying to achieve at Orchard Fields Community School?

  • We want ALL of our children to be confident, competent and independent mathematicians with no limits and endless ambitions, which will aid and assist them in whichever career path they take – as well as their everyday lives.
  • We want to deliver a structured, broad and opportunity-rich curriculum that follows the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for mathematics.
  • We want to engage children of all abilities to ensure that they access the same quality of teaching and mathematical opportunities.
  • We want to develop a culture of mistake friendly classrooms – where children see their errors as opportunities to develop their understanding.
  • We want to develop and improve our children’s ability to articulate their thinking using the correct mathematical vocabulary.
  • We want our children to grow and develop into resilient and inquisitive learners.

We intend to achieve all of this: by teaching maths on a daily basis; by developing children’s mathematical fluency; by providing opportunities to reason mathematically; and by helping children to grow their problem-solving skills involving many areas of mathematics.

Maths Progression Map

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