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April 2022

Year Group

Teacher/Key Person

CoOrdinator Role

Teaching Assistant/HLTA

Pips Pre-Nursery

Megan Glossop   

MG - Classroom Environment/Liaising with Parents

Gill Tagg

Nursery Seedlings

Vicki Hudson

Art/DT/Pips Support

Head of Nursery

Natalia Carrasco Gonzalvo (HLTA)

Hannah Olejnik

Reception Mondrian

Phil Baldwin

Early Years Leader

Sport Council/ PE

Louise Adams

Reception Rothko

Emma Blake

Climate Change

Kirsty Reynolds

Year 1 Dali


Year 1 Kandinsky

Louise Irvine (ECT)


Rebecca Wiley

No Responsibility


E-safety / SCIB

Amy James -Gascoigne

Maxine Preece

Year 2 McKenzie

Kelly Giles

KS1 Leader

Spelling & Phonics


Parental Engagement

Bethany Fairey (HLTA)

Year 2 Riley

Samantha Browne

Environmental Leader/Science/ECO Council Leader

Forest School

Ann Kibblewhite

Jordan Morris

Claire Wheeler

Year 3 Picasso

Jack Brown

SMSC/Shared with Tori Cookson

Caroline Clarke

Year 3 Van Gogh

Laura Morgan / 

Dawn McLeod

School Council/Anti-Bullying/ PSHE/RE/RSE

Tracy Simms

Year 4 Cezanne

Francesca Kennedy


Ayesha Hussain

Year 4 Rousseau

Anna Donajgrodzki (ECT)


Tracey Ellis

Year 5 Monet

Sujata Lakhani


Sue Cross

Year 5 Hokusai

Megan Benham (ECT)

KS2/Art/DT Support with Vicki Hudson

Jo Aleksic

Year 6 Constable

Bernadette Stuart

KS2 Leader

Curriculum/Assessment / Writing and Grammar

Ann Ansell

Michaela Wilson

Year 6 Turner

Tom Halford

KS2 Leader

Mathematics/ Computing

Karlena Clifford

KS1 Intervention

Laura Gilbert

Organisation of After School Clubs

EY/KS1 Reading Support 


  Tracy Simms (HLTA) Change for Life & Fundraising for Charity  


Sue Cross (HLTA)




Jo Aleksic (HLTA)

Running Club/Playground Leader


  Bethany Fairey (HLTA)

Reading Certificates


  Natalia Carrasco Gonzalvo (HLTA) Early Years Library  
  Tracey Ellis First aid  

Office Staff

Office Manager

Julie Turner



Administration Officer

Helen Macdonald



Administration Officer

Sharon Russell




Lynsey Dear



Senior Leadership Team

Head teacher

Dawn Shilston

School Development Plan

School Self Evaluation

Monitoring of Teaching and Learning




Deputy Head

Karen Gair

Safeguarding Lead

Inclusion and behaviour

NQT Induction Tutor

Monitoring of Teaching and Learning




School Manager

Julie Turner

Health & Safety



KS2 Leader

Bernadette Stuart



Early Years Leader

Phil Baldwin



KS1 Leader

Kelly Giles



KS2 Leader

Tom Halford



Support colleagues




Welfare Office

Jess Mole

Child Protection/Safeguarding/Thrive and Nature

Site Manager

John Tibbetts



Attendance Officer

Nikki Bell



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