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Intent and Implementation PHSE


At Orchard Fields we aim to give all pupils a strong awareness of the world and the issues that they will/may face at they grow in to young adults. We aim to develop children's emotional and social wellbeing and to make them aware of the choices they have. We aim to equipment our children and young people with the information, skills and values to have safe, fulfilling and enjoyable relationships, and to take responsibility for their sexual health and wellbeing. 

At Orchard Fields Community School, we aim to provide age appropriate sex and relationships education in every year group to help pupils to learn progressively as they mature and revisit the subject on a regular basis, to reinforce learning and provide opportunities to ask further questions. We endeavour for every pupil to leave us with confidence in their own abilities, and a resilience to push themselves forward to achieve their goals. We intend for every to pupil to have access to the curriculum and we ensure this happens by differentiating lessons, providing interventions and adapting resources where necessary.


At Orchard Fields Community School, we mainly teach PSHE through a tool called SCARF. We ensure that all teachers are confident and up to date with SCARF and its features. Areas that teachers are less confident in are addressed during staff meetings and training will be given where required. SCARF provides planned sessions that consider progression across year groups. SCARF provides age appropriate learning across the school and addresses every kind of issue that our pupils may face in the modern world. SCARF is used flexibly by teachers and is used along-side, or replaced with, other resources which may be better suited to a particular area of study. Children are assessed against age related statements, the children who are not meeting the expectations are then the focus of interventions. We teach and develop pupil’s emotional literacy through the zones of regulation which is a powerful tool for communicating and regulating emotions and enables all pupils to thrive. From September 2023 we will be recording PSHE by using floor books. This will enable all children to contribute their views and learning.

PSHE Scarf Progression Map

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