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Mission Statement

Our Mission Is To:

  • unlock our children’s potential for success through an inspiring, systematic and consistently planned curriculum in a nurturing and caring environment. 
  • develop an ethos of perseverance which enables our children to have aspirational goals for their futures.

Our Vision: 

We aim to be an outstanding school at the heart of our local community which through excellent teaching and learning enables our children to thrive
and achieve success.

Our School’s Aims Are: 

  • to give children the skills to become enquiring independent learners 
  • to ensure children demonstrate good behaviour for learning 
  • to encourage children to be the best that they can be 
  • to work in partnership with parents and the community 
  • to promote excellence, enjoyment and pride in children’s learning 
  • to have high expectations of all children regardless of ability to provide and promote equal opportunities for all 
  • to care for and respect one another so children are safe and happy to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum for all children 
  • to ensure excellence in teaching and learning

Our School Motto

Persevere, Achieve, be Aspirational

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