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Online Safety

Intent, Implementation and Impact Online Safety

This webpage is intended to highlight the what, why and how Online Safety is taught and delivered at Orchard Fields Community School.


To keep children safe online, this includes:

  • Teaching children how to navigate the online world safely.
  • Keeping all staff up to date with latest devices, platforms, apps, trends and related threats.
  • Providing devices in school which are safe to use with appropriate filters.
  • Engage and educate parents to enable them to support their children to stay safe online.


  • Whole school online safety curriculum provided by National Online Safety.
  • All year groups have the same 8 modules to cover over the year with content relevant to their age group.
  • Children will receive 2/3 lessons per term to ensure curriculum is covered.
  • Teachers receive regular email updates which contain the latest information about new opportunities, challenges and risks online.
  • Parents receive a weekly online safety update which comes in the form of a ‘guide’ which enables them to incorporate the same principles of online safety at home.


  • Online safety will be taught consistently throughout the school and staff will stay up to date with current issues and/or risks.
  • Parents will be given the knowledge to help their children stay safe online when they are not in school.
  • Pupils will understand what acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour looks like.
  • Pupils will be able to identify possible online risks and make informed decisions about how to act.
  • Pupils will understand safe ways in which to seek support if they are concerned or upset by something they have seen online.

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