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Reception - Mondrian and Rothko

Welcome to Reception

Reception class teacher – Mr Phil Baldwin

Reception teaching assistant – Mrs Lora Howells

Reception class teacher - Mrs Emma Blake

Reception teaching assistant - Mrs Louisa Adams

The Early Years classes are a safe, exciting and stimulating environment focusing on personalised learning for every child.

Children can enjoy activities outside and inside every day, gaining skills in all areas of the curriculum. We take pride in our learning environment being clean, tidy and well resourced. We try to follow a ‘less is more’ ethic and encourage the children to take a lead in organising resources and tidying them away.

Reception Topic Plans

Reception Long Term Plan 2023-24

Reception Term 1 All About Me

Reception Term 2 All Around the World

Reception Term 3 Animals

Reception Term 4 Traditional Tales

Reception Term 5 Superheros

Reception Term 6 Growing

Parents and carers are welcome to read 50 Things To Primary

Designed to help children become increasingly independent in their own decision-making, helping every child develop life skills and explore new interests, through local low cost and no cost activities. Please click on this link below:



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