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Great Fire of London

Posted on: 18/11/2022

Great Fire of London

The children in Year 2 really enjoyed travelling back in time to 1666 to learn about the Great Fire of London. They saw what life was like in London in 1666 and tried out different jobs: leather works, candle makers, medicine making, the barber surgeons, making charms to ward away the plague, newspaper printers, making ink and writing with quills. They tried to put the fire out by making a fire line, fire hooks and grenades to create fire breaks. Some children had to go around collecting the toy dead rats and deliver the news to the shops. After the fire had died down the children became detectives and archaeologist searching for evidence in the debris of burnt down buildings to find out what the shop was, who lived there and how it was destroyed (burnt, pulled down, blown up, survived). 




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