News stories

Hill End - Year 3

The children had a wonderful time taking part in a whole range of activities. All the children overcame any fears and challenges as a result of their determination and perseverance. Their support for each other and teamwork enabled so many of them to achieve what they initially thought was impossible. They represented Orchard Fields Community School very well and their attitude and behaviour was a credit to themselves and their parents.

Broughton Grounds Farm - Year 2

On Wednesday 27th April, the children in Year 2 had a fabulous time at Broughton Grounds farm with Farmer James. They learnt about where their food comes from, how to look after the different farm animals and what machines were used to plant and farm the crops. The children fed the lambs milk from the bottles and helped to spray paint them to match their mothers. After a walk across the fields, the children enjoyed a picnic lunch sitting on hay bales.  It was a wonderful day and the children want to visit again. 

Alexander Calder - famous sculptor - Year 2

The children learnt all about plastic pollution and how it ends up in the sea and harms our planet. We looked at different sculptures and discussed that some sculptures sometimes have a hidden message. We looked at some sculptures and tried to guess what the message could be and how it made us feel. We learnt about famous sculptor Alexander Calder and his fish sculpture. Then we made our own, evaluating, critiquing and adapting our models as we did it, just like Alexander Calder. We invited some other classes to enjoy our art gallery experience.