Year 6 - Yenworthy Residential

Yenworthy – Day 1

We've had a lovely start to our Yenworthy adventure. As soon as we arrived we had lunch outside. We then, had to work in teams to complete the ropes challenge without falling off. We had to decide who was the best team player. This evening we have been for a walk on the moors and have learnt all about nature and the local countryside. Tomorrow, we are off surfing.

Yenworthy - Day 2

Today, we all went surfing. We absolutely loved it. We learnt to stand up on the board and how to help each other catch waves. We then came back to the lodge and had spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Some of us even discovered that we like rice pudding. In the evening, we went to the shop and worked together during orienteering. Tomorrow, some of us are going kayaking and some of us are  going wild swimming.

Yenworthy - Day 3

Today, we split into two groups some of us went kayaking whilst the other group completed problem solving activities, went down the zip-wire and went wild swimming. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.