Welcome to Year 2


In Year 2, you will find Miss Giles, Mrs Browne, Mrs James-Gascoigne and Miss Fairey.

To support the learning of Phonics we use Letters and Sounds, the LCP scheme, Jolly Phonics and Bug Club Phonics.

To support the learning of reading we use Letters and Sounds and Bug Club.


We also ask that you bring in your child's PE kit on a Monday to be left in school until Friday

 All children are expected to read at home daily and make a record in their reading challenges. Please send the reading challenge into school every day.

Below are our Year 2 topics and a taster of what we will be learning each term. 

 If you would like more details regarding your child's learning please speak to your child's class teacher.


If you require more information about the curriculum that your child is following at school, please email the school office: office.2055@orchard-fields.oxon.sch.uk


 Long Term Plan - Year 2


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Possible Trips/ visitors

Science Centre

Visit from Firefighters,

Great Fire of London Workshop

Visit from Mrs Twit

Roald Dahl Museum

Sea life centre

Florence Nightingale visit/ medical professional

Residential Hill end.







2019 SATS

2022 SATS

Use what they got in SATS



Fairy Tales

The Great Fire of London

Roald Dahl

Our Natural World

The History of Medicine   

Awesome Africa





Hansel and Gretel – story writing


Reading:the gingerbread man, Little red, goldilocks – different versions, fairytale poetry



Writing: News Report


Reading: non-fiction – the great fire of London and London books.

The twits: character description.

Instructions for a revolting recipe.



‘Something Fishy’ – story writing.


Fact File – animals


Non-Fiction texts




Florence Nightingale – diary entry


Non-Fiction texts



Story of the Maasia People.


African animal poetry.



Number and Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. No measures.

Number and Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Doubling and halving.  


Number and Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. SHAPE 2D. doubling.

Number and Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Fractions. Position and direction, shape, revision for SATS. 

Number and Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,



Measures, money, shape 2D, 3D, statistics.



Materials –

Jack’s get away zip wire

Making houses


Materials –

Fire and water

Humans – lifecycles and being healthy

Animals – food chains, lifecycles, habitats

Humans – body parts, being healthy, lifecycles





Identifying safe people you can talk to (SCIB)


Coping with feeling alone (SCIB)  

Substance Abuse – SCIB  

Life cycle of humans-child to adult.

healthy eating

P4C- friendship –relationships

PANTS understand suitable appropriate touch (SCIB)

SCARF – Edward Jenner – being healthy - vaccinations

Feelings – SCARF


Also reacting to any relationship worries throughout the year.


Algorithms –Scratch Jr – using maps -  Create and debug programmes

news reports using a green screen

e-safety – managing online information

e– safety – Health, wellbeing and lifestyle


Ebook about animals/ plants

e-safety – privacy + security


Input data from a survey to create a pictogram on the computer 

Word processing skills

e-safety – copyright + ownership



Special occasions. Mosque

Special occasions. Church

Special occasions. Special place

Easter and special people

Special people and culture

Special people and culture



Bridget Riley – Mrs Browne’s Class



Christmas Card Making

Fire art.


Nature art sculptures

Fish sculptures


African Art



Building house models.

Christmas Crafts

Cooking – revolting recipe



Design and make own pull/ push toy.  



Locational knowledge and field work.  

Maps of local area.

(linked with Hansel and Gretel getting lost)   

Maps of London

Countries and capital cities in the UK


Geographical Features (Human and Physical features).

Oceans and continents.


Locational Knowledge and field work– journey to school.   




The Great Fire of London

History of Roald Dahl


Florence Nightingale

Edward Jenner

Marie Curie





Listening and appraising music

Using voices expressively


Experiment with combining sounds

Singing songs, chants and rhymes.

Un-tuned instruments 

Tuned Instruments




Outdoor: ball skills,


Dance – fire dance

Indoor Gymnastics





African Dance


Forest School

Fairytale activities

Survival skills

Fire Circle

Forest School games and activities

Forest School games and activities

Plants – identification and uses (medicinal, health, food etc.)

Making dandelion tea.

Cooking with ingredients from the garden.

Making manyattas (Maasai homes), bows and arrows and spears – maasai warriors