Welcome to Year One


In Year 1 you will find Mrs Wiley and Mrs James-Gascoigne

In Year 1 we engage the children with exciting Topics like fantasy creatures and the Great Fire of London. We try wherever possible to give the children hands on experiences and build memories through workshops/ visitors and school trips and make the learning fun and exciting. We enjoy getting involved in maths and science investigations and we have lots of discussions as a class throughout all our learning, building up important communication skills. Learning circus skills; growing our own candy canes and sending the instructions to Santa and exploring bubbles to create some beautiful art work and descriptive writing are some of the things we get up to at school.


To support the learning of Phonics we use Letters and Sounds, the LCP scheme, Jolly Phonics and Bug Club Phonics.

To support the learning of reading we use Letters and Sounds and Bug Club.

Below are our Year 1 topics and a taster of what we will be learning each term.


  • - Please ensure you look in your child's reading folder every Friday for their new weekly spellings.
  • - We also ask that you bring in your child's PE kit on a Monday to be left in school until Friday.
  • - All children are expected to read at home daily and make a record in their reading challenges. Please send the reading challenge into school every day .


Long Term Plan          Year 1


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6




Animal Kingdom


Planet Earth

Castles and knights


Repeating Story –

Dear Zoo


Travel Tale –



Poem – The owl and the pussy cat.

Traditional Tale – Red Riding Hood


Instructions -

Grow a candy cane

The Egg


Non-fiction - fact File on an animal.


Poem about animals

Pirate Story – Class Three all at sea/Pirate Post.


Letter Writing to a pirate.



The Way Back Home.


Letter Writing / Persuasive text - to an alien.




Tale – Jim and the Beanstalk


Non-fiction text – How to Attack a Castle.  


Numbers and Place Value.

Geometry: Properties of Shapes. 

Addition and Subtraction.

Numbers and Place Value.

Geometry: Properties of Shapes. 

Addition and Subtraction.

Measure: Length

Addition and Subtraction.

Geometry: Position and Direction.

Measure: Time.


Addition and Subtraction.


Multiplication and Division.

Measures: Money.

Mass and Capacity.


Human body – identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the body, identify and name senses.

Seasons – position of the sun, long days/ short days.

Animals – identify and name a variety of common animals, describe and compare the structure of a variety of animals.


Materials - float &sink,

Identify and name a variety of materials, describe simple physical properties of everyday materials.

Plants – identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants and identify and describe the structure of plants and trees.


Seasons – observe changes across the four seasons.


Internet Safety.


Create a self-portrait on 2simple.

Phonics and Maths games.

Gooseberry Planet – people online

Phonics and Maths games.

Gooseberry Planet – personal information


Create a fact file/e-book about an animal.

Phonics and Maths games.

Gooseberry Planet – perfect passwords


Programming and algorithms. – Bee Bots.


Make pirate posters.


Phonics and Maths games.

Gooseberry Planet – Fake profiles


Phonics and Maths games.

Gooseberry Planet – selfie safe.


Retrieve information from the internet.

Phonics and Maths games.




Jesus as a Friend





Self Portraits

Pablo Picasso


Firework pictures

(History link)

Light pictures – Van Gogh – A Starry Night

Life drawings – animals (topic)

Portraits of pirates

Paintings of the sea and under the sea

Design and make a pirate flag

Pirate ships


Life drawings – plants (science link)

Drawing/painting a castle.


Making a moving body model (science link)

Designing and making houses

Making Christmas cards

Understand where food comes from.

Textiles (Science link) – making a raft/boot.


Recycle Models – To design and make a shield.




Local walk – following directions.

Route planning – the safest and quickest routes, are they always the same?

Using google earth to locate/explore.

Human and Physical Geography – location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles.

Place Knowledge – understanding similarities and differences of human and physical geography of the UK

Locational Knowledge – name and locate the world’s 5 oceans and 7 continents.

Invent pirate treasure maps using symbols and keys

Read a map to find clues for a treasure hunt around school


Locational Knowledge – name, locate and identify characteristics of the 4 countries and capital cities of the UK.

Human and Physical geography – identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK.

Castle geographical locations and floor plans – aerial viewpoint perspective


Local history – Banbury Cross, the expansion of Banbury. The market.

Personal history – looking at how we have grown.

Past and present homes.



Bonfire Night

– Guy Fawkes

Christmas Story – RE link


Researching/learning about famous pirates.

Ways of life of people in the past. What did it mean to be a pirate? What was life like for a pirate?

Christopher Columbus



Castles - recognise the current and historical role of kings and queens. Understand the concept of a knighthood. Castle life – banquets, jousting, attack and defence, etc.


Hey You

Xmas play

In the Groove

Rhythm in the way we walk

Round and round

Reflect, rewind and replay


Gymnastics (Indoor)

Object Control – catching (Outdoor)

Dance (Indoor)

Object control – throwing (outdoor)

Gymnastics (Indoor)

Net/ wall games (outdoor)

Dance (Indoor)

Net/ wall games (outdoor)

Gymnastics (Indoor)

Striking and Fielding (outdoor)

Dance (Indoor)

Athletics (outdoor)


Growth Mindset



 Royal Invitations – Who should be invited? (fairy-tale characters) 

Question – would you rather be rich or popular?

Judging appearances – monster at school


Perfect people

Question – what would happen if there were no schools?



The Boy Who Cried Wolf





Being fair

Possible School Trips/ Visits

Visit to Banbury museum – Home past and present


Zoo Trip – Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Fire Fighters


Warwick Castle/

Blenheim Palace.

 If you require more information about the curriculum that your child is following at school, please email the school office: office.2055@orchard-fields.oxon.sch.uk