School Council

 Article 12 of the United Nations (an organisation which represents nearly every country in the world) states:

“Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults make decisions that affect them and to have their opinion taken into account.” This is why we have a school council.

On our school council, there is one representative for every class from year one to four.

Year 1 - Shelden and Macy

Year 2 - Ellis and Tia-Alisha

Year 3 - Charlie and Zeal

Year 4 - Noor and Nuria



We have five prefects in year 5 and two prefects in year 6.

Year 5 - Kydan, Millie-Jay, Hanzalah and Katie

Year 6 - Tegan and Layahna


Head Boy and Girl

Jaedon and Weronika