Year 6 - Yenworthy Residential

Yenworthy – Day 1

When we finally reached Yenworthy, we enjoyed our pizza with a sea view. The children then got to have a go at the ropes obstacle. They had to work as a team to get through in order to gain points. Some of the obstacles included: a zipwire, maneuvering through a tunnel of tyres and having to make their way from one side to the other without touching the ground. Tomorrow, we are surfing and canoeing.


Yenworthy - Day 2

Today, we split into two groups. Some of us went surfing and some of us went kayaking. When we were surfing, we first had to lay on the surfboard. Then, the challenge was to kneel on the surfboard; if we managed that then we could have a go at standing. Some of us were able to stand and all of us had a go! Those that went kayaking had to learn to control the boat by paddling forwards and backwards. We learnt how to turn the boat, how to help our team mates if they fell in and how to get the kayak into the water. We played some fun games where we swapped boats by walking across them. We all came back for a lovely curry dinner. After dinner, we played games outdoors until bedtime. Tomorrow, we will swap groups and do surfing and kayaking.

Yenworthy - Day 3

Today, we swapped groups. We have now all had a go at surfing and kayaking. The surfers today were all very good and all had a go at standing up. The kayakers learnt how to paddle forwards and backwards and were able to play some games in their boats. All the children loved being in the water today and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This evening, the children visited the shop to buy all their merchandise and they were orienteering. They had to work in teams of three to read the map in order find the right numbers. Tomorrow, we are wild swimming.