School Council


Article 12 of the United Nations (an organisation which represents nearly every country in the world) states:

“Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults make decisions that affect them and to have their opinion taken into account.” This is why we have a school council.

On our school council, there is one representative for every class from year one and older, and two representatives from both of the year 6 classes.

We meet up every week with Mr Delarue, to discuss ideas of how we can make the school a better place. We tell the children in our classes what we are doing and ask them for ideas. 

Jakub Kruk chairs the meetings and write an agenda each week. 

Amy Adams is secretary and helps write and distributes the minutes of the meetings. We give copies of the meetings to every class, Mrs Shilston and the staff in the office so everyone is kept up to date with our views and what we are doing.

Luca Bielby is our treasurers and has already ordered smart school council badges to wear.

School Council Members:

Deputy chair Chelsey Barson (year 5) Deputy treasurer Chelsey Villiers (year 6) Deputy Secretary Tegan Tims

Year 4 representatives Brandon Lingwood Ethan Whittaker

Year 3 representatives: Daley Brock, Esme Bedding

Year 2 representatives: Ruby Williams, Tobin Paxton

Year 1 representatives: Lilly Cox, Lilly May Walton

This year we have found out what rewards children wanted for good attendance and collected ideas about how we can make the school a better place.

We are setting up a school talent shows on Thursday afternoons. We also met with the school head boy and girl and are finding out what the children in school think they should do.