Welcome to Nursery and Reception 


Our unit is a safe, exciting and stimulating environment focusing on personalised learning for every child. Children can enjoy activities outside and inside every day, gaining skills in all areas of the curriculum. We have a brand new ‘Playscape’ which encourages investigation and exploration outside; children can enjoy the challenge of climbing up the rock wall or pumping the water through the steel dam. They learn independence whilst feeling supported by our staff. We offer inspire workshops and reading afternoons where parents are invited to spend time learning with their child.


Nursery class teacher – Miss Vicki Lewis

Nursery teaching assistant – Miss Gill Dellar


Reception class teachers – Mr. Phil Baldwin & Miss Dawn Franklin/Miss Craig

Reception teaching assistants – Miss Erika Benham, Miss Adele Jones & Mrs Sheralee Broughton


To support the learning of Phonics we use Letters and Sounds, the LCP scheme, Jolly Phonics and Bug Club Phonics.

To support the learning of reading we use Letters and Sounds and Bug Club.




Term 1: Ourselves

Term 2: People Who Help Us

Term 3: Traditional Tales

Term 4: The World

Term 5: Growing

Term 6: Transport

We use the Jolly phonics songs to learn about letter names and sounds.

Have a go at singing them together at home. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Story Telling into Writing- 

* First we listen to the story, retell it using actions and reading the text to familiarise ourselves.

* Then we draw the story. This helps the children capture the whole text visually normally using a 'Story map' with key letters/ key words/ connectives. 

* We then use a 'innovation stage' as part of our shared writing sessions to change part of the story making alterations re-using the basic plot: 'The Very hungry Dinosaur!' 

* We use the ‘invention stage’ as children build up a bank of known narratives to create our own stories. 

These are: 
- oral 
- guided by the teacher 
- reusing familiar characters, settings and patterns 
- reusing connectives 
- reusing sentence patterns 
- an opportunity for new ideas, drawing on a range of stories and life.